Shoes die. Soles live on.

Recently, I came across a post called Ode to An Old Running Shoe over at Happy Runner, and it made me wonder about where our old and once beloved shoes end up. For our gently worn items, the obvious choice is to give them away, and there are loads of organizations set up to handle that. For other well-worn items, however, usually the choice is to trash them. 


Luckily, this is not the only option. In the case of the old (and no doubt super stinky) sneaker, it turns out that there are a couple more solutions.

Recycling programs

Nike Reuse-a-Shoe Program

This is such a cool program, and they accept all brands. I’m usually able to donate my old shoes to a local charity, but I’ll be sure to keep this program in mind the next time I clean out my closet.

Get Crafty

Planter’s anyone?

Shoe Planter
CC Image Courtesy of John Carrel

This is another neat idea. The only thing that would pose a problem for me is figuring out how to incorporate the shoes into the garden so that they look like they’re supposed to be there and not like I’m trying to start a junk yard, lol. That shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve seen a few gorgeous examples just from browsing on Pinterest for a few minutes.

Check out these links for more info:

How to Turn Old Footwear into Gloriously Green Garden Planters

20 Ways to Recycle Shoes for Planters, Cheap Decorations, and Backyard Ideas


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