I’m an old cowhand from Rio Grande…


Does anyone besides me remember this cartoon? When I was a kid, we would take semi-weekly trips to the Dollar Store to spend our allowances. Back then I had simple tastes. Archie comic books, chocolate, and sparkly pens were enough to keep me smiling for days. Anyway, I remember there being a huge bin full of VHS cassettes of these old cartoons. I got this one, one featuring Betty Boop, and one with Bugs Bunny.

I mention this because I think that this cartoon might have been the first time I became interested in the concept of the Wild West. My mom loved all those old cowboys shows and watched them constantly back then, but I never understood the fascination. I just lumped it in with all of the other boring grownup stuff that she did. There’s nothing like a cartoon, however, to appeal to the impressionable minds of kids.

Though I did not grow up to be a cowgirl, the lure of the West has always called to me and that song has been so ingrained in my psyche that as soon as I landed in New Mexico earlier this month, I started to softly sing it. Yes, 20-something years later, I still remembered every word. It was only from an adult vantage point that I could appreciate the satire in the song, though. I guess the obsession with poseurs never goes out of style.

All the same, it was beautiful out there, and I had a great time.



I joined a photography workshop given by National Geographic Expeditions & Santa Fe Workshops and spent 5 days exploring Santa Fe and some of the surrounding areas. Our workshop leaders, Ralph Lee Hopkins and Carlan Tapp, are both amazing and talented photographers, and it was such a joy to sit and learn from them.

We had a fairly large group of photographers (25) on this trip, but the workshop was set up in such a way as to make sure we all got personalized attention. Our TAs, Jeremy and Stefan, did a lot to help on that front as well.

One of my favorite moments from this trip was making it to the top of the Chimney Rock Trail at Ghost Ranch and finding this marker:


One world

One time through

Go make Your

dreams happen

We love you Guy!

11/7/86 – 8/19/12


As I understand it, a hiker fell to his death from that spot. It’s very sobering, but those are words to live by.

To see more of my photos from that trip check out my Santa Fe portfolio.




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